Single-Entry-Point - SEP


Noise control for Europe's rail freight system

Because rail track is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly forms of transport, railway traffic is increasing constantly. As a result, the noise exposure by loud freight trains increases. In order to achieve long-term growth and social acceptance of train traffic as a mode of transport there must be a radical reduction in noise exposure.

The main target is to halve railway traffic noise by 2020!

In this way, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Austria have been introducing their own funding programs, which provide financial support for retrofitting of freight wagons.

Besides the known application processes, those countries have created an additional common contact point for the application resp. notification of low-noise freight wagon data now, the so called Single-Entry Point (SEP).

Applications for a bonus can now be submitted centrally for the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany in a single step.*

How to apply for a bonus via the Single-Entry-Point (SEP)*

  • Read instructions

  • Download Excel form…

  • …fill in and…

  • …send by e-mail

In Austria (on the rail network of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG) data regarding low-noise freight wagons can be transmitted via data interface or web application - available from October 2017 - to the joint database, Silent Wagon Database (SWDB).

Retrofit data that have been transmitted via SEP and are already stored in the SWDB will then automatically be taken into account by ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, and do not need to be notified again.

* Please note that each country may have different application deadlines and requirements. Find more information in the Information brochure and the SEP-Instructions.